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N O T E: This time Bank is currently inactive

The Phoenix TimeBank welcome you! Our TimeBank was started with the following three main goals:

Help Those in Need and Receive the Help You Need!

Share your skills, talents, uniqueness, and even items that you no longer need. There is someone out there just wishing they had what you have to offer. Receive time dollars in return to use however you like. You can really have all your needs met and even enjoy some luxuries along the way. Everyone has something to contribute, no matter your age or financial status. Enjoy the gift of giving today and be rewarded with your own time dollars.


Build a Sustainable, Thriving Community!

Take part in building a productive, sustainable community where everyone's needs can be met, regardless of financial status. Giving is a sustainable resource that truly produces more output than the input required. Great gifts await both the receiver and giver. On a basic level, the receiver has their needs met and the giver gets time dollars in return to get help with something they need. On a much deeper level, giving and receiving opens your heart and allows for even more in return. Additionally, the economic state of our world has resulted in many people out of work. TimeBanking provides an unlimited and growing supply work for everyone. Help us build a sustainable and thriving way of life in Phoenix and surrounding cities. 


Experience Abundance!

Would you like help around the house, to learn a foreign language, to experience better health, and to have the cash to fix your roof and car? With TimeBanking, there's no need to cut back on anything you or your family needs. When you TimeBank, you're not spending any money, and you're receiving valuable help and services. Great things is, you'll have more money to spend on the things you can't TimeBank for. The abundance and good fortune you can have in your life is no longer directly tied to your pocketbook. Everyone in our community can have their needs me and more. There's no limit to receiving when it comes to TimeBanking.

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